The Shearin Group Leadership Training Tips The Five: Tips on being a spirited leader

A local expert provides five recommendations on a topic useful to small business owners. This week, management consultant Ellen Castro talked to staff writer Hanah Cho on being a “spirited leader.”


Castro is a Dallas-based motivational speaker, management consultant and author of Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust. She works with startups, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies as well as nonprofits.


1. Change your thoughts, change your world

Thoughts have power. Be positive, constructive and solution-focused. Begin today walking into every meeting with the thought: “I am a champion. I am equipped.” Live from the possibilities. You are far more powerful than you imagine.


2. We are our choices

Your choices define you — not your DNA, past or environment. With faith and better choices, spirited leaders live a life of authenticity and awesomeness. Be the first to smile and be generous with encouragement and praise.


3. Live consciously

Everything communicates. There are no neutral actions. You are always on stage. Everything either adds to your credibility or detracts from your credibility. Credibility is the foundation for trust and meaningful conversations that inspire and motivate innovation, collaboration, teamwork and greatness.


4. Redefine failure

There are no failures, only learnings. Everything is a coaching moment. Everyone is your teacher. The only “failure” is not getting back up. Learnings build character, strength, compassion and wisdom to better serve others — to help their paths be easier, lighter and brighter.


5. It’s all about trust

Spirited leaders know that life is for them. They believe that everything works together for good. They trust they are always moving forward regardless of appearances. Setbacks are simply setups for comebacks. They radiate their message with a confidence that allows others to skyrocket to success regardless of external factors.