Shearin Group Personality Assessment Firm: Ten Qualities of Outstanding Leaders

Shearin Group Training Services’ unequalled programs center primarily on tested and clear results. We collaborate with you to assure that leadership abilities in all tiers are completely enhanced, thus, allowing your personnel to function according to their full individual potential. We practically develop leaders for you who thrive in their positions, ones who will inspire enthusiastic and progressive teams, thereby considerably increasing productivity targets.


Ten Qualities of Outstanding Leaders


Although personal positive traits and skills may vary, most experts agree that excellent leaders tend to view the world in a consistent way. A stable set of values is particularly essential, as is a passion for maintaining high ethical standards. The most prevalent characteristics seen among these exceptional leaders include:


1. Leadership by Example – working as a model for others.


2. Visionary – setting a sense of direction for others.


3. Strong Communicator – listening and contemplating, including verbal communication.


4. Clear Thinking – simplifying things to facilitate awareness and reduce confusion.


5. Professional – being respectable both publicly and privately.


6. Open-Minded – welcoming constructive dissent or negative views.


7. Calm – remaining cool under pressure, even when the going is rough.


8. Trustworthy – living a consistent, highly moral, and just life.


9. Nurturing – exhibiting respect for others, their views, and their ability to attain valuable gains.


10. Supportive – assisting others develop their strengths and showing sincere appreciation.